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Hypnotherapy is one of the worldís oldest methods for improving and maintaining physical health and emotional well-being. Archaeological evidence proves that hypnosis was commonly used by health practitioners thousands of years ago in Ancient Egypt.

Hypnosis is as old and reliable as the pyramids, yet itís nothing more than a† product of the imaginationóyour imaginationóbut its effects are quite real.

Itís powerful, effective, and completely safe because it comes from your own mind.

Commonly perceived as a type of sleep or a method for controlling others, hypnosis is often regarded today as some kind of magic act or side-show, little more than cheap entertainment based on deception and trickery.

How unfortunate that such an important and valuable resource continues to be so misunderstood and, at least in the United States, largely ignored.

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The Truth Is Far More Fascinating

For just a moment, forget what you think you know about hypnosis. First of all, itís not about going to sleep, controlling other people or doing things you wonít remember.

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind, nothing more. It all happens in your own mind in a place only you can access. No one can make you be hypnotized. That would be like trying to make someone else dream or control what they dream about as they do so easily in science fiction and horror movies.

You can make someone more comfortable, play soothing music, and even help them relax, but you cannot force someone else to dream.

What this means is that to experience hypnosis is self-hypnosis. You . No one has ever hypnotized anyone else. Itís just not possible. If you want to experience hypnosis, you have to do it yourself. Thatís not the same as doing it alone, however. You can learn how do it alone, but itís so much easier when you have help.

And, yes, anyoneóincluding youócan do it.

Hypnosis is a natural processóa state of mind we all experience every day, usually without ever realizing it. Canít remember being in a trance?Text Box: Hereís a checklist to help you remember:
Have you ever been thinking about something so intently while crossing the street that you didnít realize you were crossing against the light until a car honked and brought you back to your senses?
Have you ever been so engaged in a book or a TV show that you didnít hear the telephone ring?
Have you ever sat through a three-hour movie that was so entertaining you couldnít believe it was over so soon?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, you were hypnotized!

Sometimes weíre so focused on something that we donít notice things we normally wouldn't miss. For instance, if youíve ever noticed a cut or a bruise on your leg or an arm after a day in the garden or working on your latest home improvement project and you canít remember how it happened, your trance was so deep that it prevented you from feeling any pain.

When hypnosis is used for making positive changes, achieving better physical health and emotional well-being, or enabling self-improvement and personal growth, it becomes hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis lets you participate actively in the ongoing communication between your mind and your body. Thatís why itís so effective for certain medical conditions like high blood pressure, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, migraines, and IBS. These physical conditions are caused by a dysfunction of the autonomic nervous systemóthe unconscious part of the brain that controls your heartbeat, regulates your body temperature, and decides which muscles to move when you walk.

The Things You Can Do With Your Mind

You may already be aware that hypnosis enables control over what your five senses report. Controlling the perception of pain is a good example. Lesser known uses for hypnosis include its application as a way to† manage the effects of and, in some cases, actually reverse the course of a certain type of medical condition.

By using hypnosis to communicate with the Unconscious Mind, you can actually eliminate the dysfunction thatís causing the problem. You can also use it for symptomatic relief, minimizing the perceived effects of an adverse condition so that it no longer bothers you or gets in your way.

The Medical Hypnotherapy programs use symptom-specific suggestion to activate the bodyís natural healing mechanisms. At the same time, positive reframing and guided imagery combine to form a coordinated mind-body response, while posthypnotic reinforcement facilitates compliance.

Sometimes just knowing that another option is available can give you the advantage you need to beat the odds. Itís an option that has seen dramatic results, and in some cases, has even been life-saving.

A ďno more dietsĒ approach to weight release and a smoking cessation program with a better success rate than prescription drugs are just two of several health-related programs. See Non-Medical Uses for information on programs for other kinds of goals.